The first time I became aware of Hildegard von Bingen was at the end of 1999: simply because my train stopped in Bingen. Immediately this made me think of Holy Hildegard. It never came to me who first told me about her. But those moments in the train I immediately burnt to visit the places she had an impact on.

Who was she? Why is she still worshipped today?

How did she as an abbot come to build her own monastery for her nuns and to move there – against the will of her Father Superior? Not to let herself be troubled but to hold her ground!

To simultaneously live this gentleness and love in her texts and songs-
obtained humbleness.

I first visited the monastery in Eibingen many years ago. Those days I was already moved profoundly by the chanting of the nuns. Hildegard’s music reminds me of where we come from. The longing, to sing her songs myself, grew bigger over the years and it ended in my first own CD production: "O Aeterne Deus".