Hildegard von Bingen was such a human being who could pervade the essential; this allowed her such a direct way of expressing herself in her letters in which she stood on the side of many important personalities of her time, giving them blunt advice; and this without coming to any harm.

Her music has been fascinating to me and has touched me very deeply. She was a human being who against the obligatory constrictions and hierarchies in her time always tried to reduce limitations and to make room for something higher in us. She strived for offering well-worn attitudes to the Higher.This accounted for her and others.

Consequently, her compositions are unconventional (with a mind of her own) and follow their own order – singing them is meditation to me, like a prayer; and I would like to invite you to this with this CD: to a different world for half an hour.

If I succeeded in this I would be very happy.