Born in Berlin I grew up in a small village with 600 residents. It was wonderful for me as a child to run barefoot across the meadows and lawns and through the woods. When we moved back to the metropolitan city I suffered. I missed the nature so much, even though Berlin is supposed to be the greenest city in Europe.

But I also felt that Berlin was too tight as in those times there was still the Berlin wall. This means we always had to cross the GDR “zone” before we could get out of there. I believe that this gave rise to my joy to travel and to my aversion to arbitrary restrictions of any kind.

My profession also caused that I have often been away and that I could exchange my experience with many people of various nations. And although there are many conflicts and fears, which seem to characterize our time and which make it difficult to see beyond the end of one’s own nose, we all are filled with the same:

Eventually, all of us look for the luck of love in our lives, no matter to which religion or to which culture we belong. The beauty in the manifestation of the variety, being different in being similar.

The separation that we believe to perceive and that surely can be enforced by a misguided ego dissolves into nothingness, simply by facing the other simple individual.

This I have experienced several times. Sometimes it takes time. All of us have our protection - in layers or shells. We make use of them,covering this that lives and loves in us. Very few are able to see through them; Some people could not probably bear this, although they, too, only want one thing: being loved.

But every now and then everybody succeeded in experiencing the essence of the other, to touch it; and expanding these moments, making them perceivable for longer and longer periods, this is a wonderful task, in the truest sense of the word [ wordplay in German: the German word for task is “Aufgabe”, which literally means “giving up something”].

Whatever you do, do it out of love, then it will be good.