Paramahansa Yogananda (born on January 5, 1893, in Gorakhpur, Bengal – died on March 7, 1952, in Los Angeles, USA) was an Indian Yogi, philosopher, composer and writer.

Characterized by a deep universal spirituality, he created his "Cosmic Chants", which are simple songs, appealing and easy to learn. Their inner deep spiritual power encourages and strengthens the meditating person in his or her expression of the love for God.

He also set some of the lyrics of Rabindranath Tagore (on this CD "Who is in my temple ?", "Light the lamp of Thy love", "Thou art my life") with whom he had also a personal respectful exchange of ideas .

(Rabindranath Tagore; Indian poet, composer, musician, philosopher, painter, nobelprizewinner of 1913 for literature). Paramahansa Yogananda's songs mostly have short lyrics and a simple melody, which is to be chanted like a prayer to God and repeated, as long as the heart or mind is in need for it.