Based on the tradtition of the Gregorian chant, HILDEGARD VON BINGEN composed meditative songs, heart-touching and relaxing. As an expression for her deep love for God and his creation, she invites everybody with her melodious songs and beautiful lyrics to prayer and meditation, or simply to forget for a second, this hectic - allday life.

Her songs are interpretated by MARISA, who recovers with her voice a nearly forlorn world. Hildegard von Bingen left 77 songs and the „Ordo Virtutum“ a sort of spiritual „Musical“ so to say.Out of this heritage, MARISA chose 13 songs, which fascinated and touched her the most.

All songs are sung in Latin, the lyrics and the german translation is included in the booklet of the Audio-CD Version but not the english translation. The CD is also available as a download-Version in the Shop.
O Aeterne Deus
O Virtus Sapientiae
Kyrie Eleison

CD Content

1. "O dulcis Divinitas" ("Ordo Virtutum") 1:38

2. "O Aeterne Deus" 2:41

3. "De Spiritu Sancto" 2:41

4. "O Pastor Animarum" 1:38

5. "Laus Trinitati" 1:42

6. "O Ignis Spiritus Paracliti" 7:20

7. "O Magne Pater" 3:04

8. "O Virtue Sapientiae" 2:07

9. "Kyrie Eleison" 2:18

10. "O Quam Mirabilis" 3:04

11. "Caritas Abundat" 2:07

12. "Scientiae Dei ad Animam Illam" ("Ordo Virtutum") 0:48

13. "Virtutes" ("Ordo Virtutum") 1:04